It is our pleasure to announce that the winner of the SANTI PHOTO AWARDS 2015 is
Michal Sevecek

CONGRATULATIONS and thank all of you who participated.

Michal Sevecek has won our First Prize – SANTI drysuit!

His photo has gained 2239 votes.


  1.  Michal Sevecek
  2.  Lynn Wu
  3.  Olimpia Barańska-Małuszek
  4. Randi Ang

Second place
Lynn Wu

Third place
Olimpia Barańska-Małuszek

Fourth place
Randi Ang

Fifth place
Robert Marc Lehmann/strong>

Sixth place
Damir Zurub

Seventh place
Franco Banfi

Eight place
Dalen Vigil

Ninth place
Olivia Andreson

Tenth place
Kiril Egorov

Eleventh place
Kim Davidsson

Twelfth place
Lauri Näreneva

Thirteenth place
Łukasz Czak